Our architects provide a range of services including architectural and Design Drawings, Project Evaluation, Project Consultation, Permit Assistance, Technical Construction Documents

Before any project can begin, our highly qualified architects meet with our clients to discuss and exchange proposed project ideas. Our free project analysis focuses on determining our clients needs and consulting on feasible design solutions.

ERR Design architects carefully considers our clients budget before any proposal is presented.

We can help with home additions, interior remodeling, complete renovations, porch and deck designs, new residential construction or any size commercial project including, offices, stores, preschools and churches.

We will provide you with pre-design drawings based on the scope of the project and the information gathered. Once completed, we meet with clients to discuss the pre-design drawings and any necessary changes.

Our architects provide all final architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing drawings and can obtain construction and zoning permits.

Why Hire Us As Your Architect?

With most major construction projects, local codes & restrictions may require a local & licensed architect.
You want a unique custom home or home addition designed to your specifications & needs by our experienced designers and architects.
You want a skilled architect to walk you through the entire process.
You want ongoing architect and design support during the construction phase of your project.

We have working relationships with contractors and can recommend them for your projects. Our highly qualified skilled general contractors can give you a complete building proposal once your plans are completed.

If you have any question do not hesitate to call us.