New Construction - portfolio


New construction 4,000 sq.ft. single family house in Northbrook. Big Master Suite plus four bedrooms and three bathrooms, finished basement.Bright house with a lot of windows.


North side of Chicago; the old house has been demolished, and we designed a new two-story house over 4 000 sq. ft. in size with a huge Master Suite and an additional three bedrooms, and two-and-a half bathrooms.

Highland Park

new construction

3,500 square foot residence is located on a corner lot in the old and quiet neighborhood of Highland Park, Illinois. The exterior finish is a combination of gray stone walls with steel, black two-story porch. This house is designed for a large family, and includes five bedrooms and five bathrooms. Open space on the first floor covers Living, Family, Dining rooms and the kitchen. Basement with a 9 foot high ceiling provides additional recreation space.


One acre lot in McHenry Illinois, surrounded by trees and untouched fields, gave the opportunity to design 3,700 Square Foot residence. A beautiful brick home with large windows makes it possible to enjoy a nice view and peaceful atmosphere of the neighborhood.


A 5,000 Square Feet new construction home on a corner lot in Norridge Illinois, shows that we are able to make our customer’s dream come true. The first floor is an open area with dining and living rooms at the front, while a family room opens to the kitchen and a large library on the back. The second floor provides private space for four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a huge master suite. The finished basement gives additional living area. Contact us or schedule your free project analysis today.