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If your home is running out of living space, building a home addition may be a much better solution than packing up and moving. Even in these uncertain economic times, home addition can be a great investment if planned properly with the expert architects at ERR Design.

Do your homework: Consider the real estate market values in your area before you begin. What type of financing will your home addition qualify for? How many rooms are you adding? When would you like the work to begin? Can you handle the temporary disruption while the building of your addition takes place? Carefully consider all aspects and consult with our architects for a free project analysis.

We will inspect the existing condition of your home to ensure the size and scale of new addition doesn’t dwarf the existing structure and do not disturb the outer appearance. Adding square footage will only increase your home value if well thought out both functionally and aesthetically.

We will provide architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing drawings and can obtain construction and zoning permits.